Tim Shiple

General Employment
Business Connection
General Employment
  • Sr Director Chief Supply Chain Officer Performance Improvement Restructure PE at Alvarez & Marsal
    From: 1-2010 To: 1-2010 (Past)
  • Private Equity Operating Executive Value Creation M&A PE Portfolio Company Advisor at TPG Japan
    From: 1-2006 To: 1-2011 (Past)
  • CPO SVP Global Integrated Lean Supply Chain at Goodrich Aerospace
    From: 1-2004 To: 1-2006 (Past)
  • Sr Manager Global Strategic Sourcing Supplier Development Cost Engineering Cost Modeling at BMW Manufacturing South Carolina
    From: 1-1996 To: 1-2000 (Past)
  • Chief Operating Executive SVP Global Operations Strategy Quality Lean at Activeion LLC
    From: 1-2010 To: 1-2012 (Past)
  • Unit Manager SQA Quality Supplier Development Purchasing Engineering Lean TPS Master at Mazda Motor Mfg USA Corp
    From: 1-1985 To: 1-1995 (Past)
  • Key Word Search at Key Word Search
    From: 1-1985 To: 1-1985 (Past)
  • VP Lean Operations Lean Sigma Master Black Belt Quality M&A IT System Integration at GKN
    From: 1-2000 To: 1-2003 (Past)
  • Word Search Engine at Search Engine Optimizer
    From: 1-1985 To: 1-1985 (Past)
  • Supply Chain Integration & Strategy Solutions at Nalco Champion An Ecolab Co
    From: 1-2012 To: 1-2013 (Past)
  • TPG Capital Operations Advisor to SVP of Operations COO at Biomet Inc
    From: 1-2007 To: 1-2007 (Past)
  • TPG Capital Operations Advisor to COO SVP of Operations Lean Systems Officer at Freescale Semiconductor Inc
    From: 1-2008 To: 1-2009 (Past)
  • Business Operations & Lean Transformation Strategy Executive Accelerate EBITDA & Performance at Freescale Semiconductor Inc
    From: 1-2007 To: 1-2009 (Past)
  • TPG Capital Operations Advisor to CEO COO at Isola AG
    From: 1-2006 To: 1-2007 (Past)
  • Global Supply Chain Integration at BMW Bank
    From: 1-1996 To: 1-2000 (Past)
  • Affiliated with Lean Six Sigma
    From: 1-2000 To: 1-2004 (Past)