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Person# of RelationshipsTitleCompay
Austen Mulinder48VICE PRESIDENT for Worldwide Enterprise Sales [Past]Microsoft Corp
Alex Moreno30PARTNER Lead Sales [Past]Microsoft Corp
Aran Murphy30Inbound technical sales [Past]Microsoft Corp
Arthur Filip29VICE PRESIDENT World Wide SalesMicrosoft Corp
Adam Reed26REGIONAL SALES MANAGER US EducationMicrosoft Corp
Adam Reed26Major Accounts Sales Manager [Past]Microsoft Corp
Andy Lees24CORPORATE VICE PRESIDENT US Marketing Sales [Past]Microsoft Corp
Arlene Amarante24COUNTRY MANAGER Sales [Past]Microsoft Advertising
Anish Desai24SALES DIRECTOR Corporate Accounts [Past]Microsoft Corp
Anish Desai24SALES & MARKETING MANAGER [Past]Microsoft Corp
Anish Desai24SALES MANAGER [Past]Microsoft Corp
Arlene Amarante23COUNTRY MANAGER Sales [Past]Microsoft Advertising
Anthony Morales23Microsoft Inside Sales Manager [Past]Invenio Marketing Solutions
Ajay Joseph22Sales Account Management & Partner Account Management [Past]Microsoft Corp
Ahmed M Tolba22MEA Inside Sales Program & Readiness ManagerMicrosoft Corp
Amy Husmann22SALES PROFESSIONAL Management & Security [Past]Microsoft Corp
Amy Husmann22SALES PROFESSIONAL Windows Client [Past]Microsoft Corp
Andrew Seit21VICE PRESIDENT GM Sales Business Development APAC [Past]Microsoft Enterprise Search Group
Andrew Smith20SENIOR DIRECTOR OEM Field Sales ExecutionMicrosoft Corp
Andrew Smith20SENIOR DIRECTOR Worldwide Sales Excellence [Past]Microsoft Corp
Andrew Smith20DIRECTOR UK Sales Excellence [Past]Microsoft Corp
Annoscia Gianfranco20PARTNER Sales [Past]Microsoft Venezuela
Annoscia Gianfranco20SALES MANAGER Medium Business [Past]Microsoft Venezuela
Andy Nitschke19Online Sales Manager Microsoft Dynamics CRM OnlineRainmaker Systems Inc
Akihiko Omikawa19DIRECTOR sales [Past]Microsoft Corp
Amy Cleary19DIRECTOR sales [Past]Microsoft Corp
Amy Cleary19DIRECTOR sales [Past]Microsoft Corp
Andrew Zupsic18VICE PRESIDENT Sales Marketing and Services Latin America [Past]Microsoft Corp
Arianne Cediel18SALES EXECUTIVEMicrosoft Corp
Ashraf Fakhouri18SALES EXECUTIVE [Past]Microsoft Corp
Andy Salinas17Licensing Sales Specialist [Past]Microsoft Corp
Andrew Hassett16Solution Sales Specialist DatacenterMicrosoft Corp
Alex Keay15Area Sales Manager Microsoft Learning EMEA [Past]Microsoft Corp
Alexa Barron15Solution Sales Specialist Advertising Tools and Technology [Past]Microsoft Corp
Ayman Abdellatif15DIRECTOR Public Sector Sales [Past]Microsoft Corp
Andy Dennis15Sales Operations Manager UK & Multinational [Past]Microsoft Corp
Ashley Eberenz15Sales Desk Associate Software Assurance Benefits Plan Asset Manager Project Manager [Past]Microsoft Corp
Amy Rueda15Field Sales [Past]Microsoft Corp
Anthony P Sheehan14SALES ASSOCIATE [Past]Microsoft Corp
Austin Stickney14ANALYST [Past]Microsoft OEM Sales
Alain Pyree14Licensing Sales SpecialistMicrosoft Corp
Alessandro Annoscia14SENIOR DIRECTOR Global Sales Excellenc [Past]Microsoft Corp
Adnan Hamed14Sales Microsoft and Mobility SolutionsDimension Data NTT Co
Aaron Prakash14TERRITORY SALES MANAGER [Past]Microsoft Corp
Alisha Sanvicens14Sales Excellence Proposal Writer Project Manager [Past]Microsoft Corp
Alejandro Meza14SALES MANAGER Core InfraMicrosoft Corp
Anand Mehta14Sales Representative Trainer Microsoft Canada [Past]Consumer Impact Marketing
Ann Price O'neill13Worldwide Sales Director Microsoft [Past]RR Donnelley & Sons Modus Media
Arun Kirupananthan13SALES ASSOCIATE [Past]Microsoft Corp
Allison C Padilla13Microsoft Windows 7 Sales Representative [Past]Rice McVaney Communications
Anthony Perry13SALES EXECUTIVE [Past]Microsoft Advertising
Arlethe Hernandez13Services Inside Sales Representative [Past]Microsoft Corp
Angela Marcogliese12Solution Sales Unified Communications [Past]Microsoft Corp
Arno Edelmann12Technical Sales Professional Security [Past]MICROSOFT DEUTSCHLAND Gmbh
Andreas Herdegen12Sales & Strategy [Past]Microsoft Corp
Amy Connors12BUSINESS ADMINISTRATOR US Retail Sales & Marketing Teams [Past]Microsoft Corp
Andrea Rodriguez12Microsoft Kinect and Xbox 360 Retail Representative [Past]Microsoft Mosaic Sales Solutions
Anne Le Turnier12Sales Executive Engineer Personal productivity tools [Past]Microsoft Visio
Alexander Miller12Yammer Sales Development RepresentativeMicrosoft Corp
, SCOTT P BROWN12PARTNER Lync Global SalesMicrosoft Corp
Alejandro Arciniegas12Small and Medium Business Sales And Marketing Manager [Past]Microsoft Costa Rica
Alejandro Fernandez Eguia12SALES MANAGER [Past]Microsoft Chile
Alex Cockett11PARTNER Sales Support [Past]Microsoft Corp
Alex Cockett11Services Sales Support [Past]Microsoft Corp
Amy Grueter11Licensing Sales SpecialistMicrosoft Corp
Ashley Sessoms10Sales Excellence ManagerMicrosoft Corp
Andreas Erlacher10Sales Excellence Lead [Past]Microsoft Austria
Andreas Erlacher10SALES MANAGER [Past]Microsoft Austria
Ashley Marth10EPG Sales Consultant Project Manager [Past]Microsoft Corp
Angel Ng10Channel Accounts Specialist OAMMicrosoft Regional Sales Corp
Anne Blanton10Sr HR Manager Worldwide Sales & Marketing [Past]Microsoft Corp
Aui Pajo10SENIOR SALES EXECUTIVE [Past]Celestial Media Services Microsoft Online
Ashley Sessoms10Sales Excellence Program ManagerMicrosoft Corp
Barb Jacobi10DIRECTOR Marketing and Communications Americas Enterprise Services Sales [Past]Microsoft Corp
Barb Jacobi10Director Marketing and Communications Americas Enterprise Services Sales [Past]Microsoft Corp
Alexandra Neumeier10Sales Desk Associate [Past]Microsoft Corp
Alexandra Neumeier10Sales Desk Associate LeadMicrosoft Corp
Adel Ghawanmeh10SALES REPRESENTATIVE [Past]Microsoft Corp
Alex K Lee10Yammer Sales Development RepresentativeMicrosoft Corp
Alexandra Bucci10Sales Desk AssociateMicrosoft Corp
Al Stelly10Microsoft Sales TrainerMosaic Sales Solutions
Ali Faramawy9REGIONAL DIRECTOR for Sales Marketing and Services [Past]Microsoft Corp
Adam Borzecki9Microsoft Rep [Past]Mosaic Sales Solutions
Adam Gilo9SALES REPRESENTATIVE [Past]Microsoft Corp
Ahmad Al Kurdi9Enterprise Licensing Sales SpecialistMicrosoft Corp
Ahmad Al Kurdi9Sales Excellence [Past]Microsoft Corp
Ana MoroN Herrada9Sales Department Intern [Past]MICROSOFT IBERICA
Andrew Gorski9SALES PROFESSIONAL Office [Past]Microsoft Corp
Ana Maria Gonzalez9Sales & Marketing Support [Past]Microsoft Corp
Alka Gupta8Inside Sales Account Manager [Past]Microsoft India
Amauri Garcia8Microsoft Commercial Market Manager [Past]Mosaic Sales Solutions
Alyssa Samuelson8Worldwide Content Development Lead at Sales Desk [Past]Microsoft Corp
Alyssa Samuelson8Technical & Creative Communications at Sales Desk [Past]VOLT AT MICROSOFT
Adam Krenkel8Services Sales Solutions ProfessionalMicrosoft Corp
Allyson Butler8Data Platform and BI Sales Solution SpecialistMicrosoft Corp
Andy Serrels7Corporate Account Sales Partner Account Manager [Past]Microsoft Corp
Andre Vanegas6Inside Sales [Past]Microsoft Corp
Alberto Bustamante6SALES MANAGER [Past]Microsoft Corp